Metro Line 7 (4th Haven)

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WolvHaven Metro Line 7 - Waterfront Line
MetroM.png Metro7.png
York Interchange
Type Rapid Transit
System WolvHaven Metro
Status      Manual. Request for a driver for service on this line. Subject to driver availability.
Termini York
City Hall
Stations 10 (Operational)
Services 1
Opened 1 January 2015; 3 years ago
Operator(s) RegioLinQ
Character Underground (City Hall - Waterloo) (Sillonner - York)
At-Grade (Waterfront - Primerose)
Depot(s) East River
Rolling stock SM30A
Line Length 5.98 km (3.7mi)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) standard gauge
Electrification 750 V DC Third rail
Operating speed limit of 65km/h (40 mph)
Route Map

The WolvHaven Metro Line 7 is a metro line that runs from Wolfminster Island to Westford Island through the Trans-Island tube. It is the only line to have signals installed along the entire length of its route.


The WolvHaven Metro Line 7 runs North-South in Westford Island, along the riverside.


Station Image Island Connections/Notes
City Hall CityHallEntrance.png Wolfminister Metro1.png Metro2.png Metro4.png Metro5.png Metro6.png Metro8.png Metro10.png MetroS.png BERT.png
Waterloo Westford Metro5.png Metro6.png MetroS.png BERT.png
Promenade BERT.png
Primerose Metro3.png Metro6.png Metro8.png BERT.png
Highgate Mechanicsburg BERT.png
Northgate Metro1.png
East River Metro4.png Metro9.png BERT.png
York Metro4.png Metro6.png Metro8.png

The Mechanicsburg-York Extension

In October 2017, plans were unveiled to extend Line 7 to York station in Mechanicsburg to connect with lines 1, 4, 6 and 8. Construction began in late November, 2017. Project completion time is unknown. The planned line will go through the following stations:

Station Image Island Connections/Notes
Sillonner Westford
Highgate Mechanicsburg
Northgate Metro1.png
East River Metro4.png Metro9.png
York Metro4.png Metro6.png Metro8.png

Station Info

City Hall

City Hall is the southeastern terminus of Metro Line 7, located in Wolfminster. Connecting to Metro Lines 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, the Bella Vista Shuttle and BERT, it serves as the "Grand Central Station" of WolvHaven. Locations of the exits include: Fifth Street, People's Plaza, and City Hall BERT Station.


Waterloo is a station that serves Metro Lines 5, 6, 8 and the Bella Vista Shuttle. Located in the Southern area of Westford, Waterloo Interchange mainly serves the southern part of the Bella Vista Boardwalk.


Promenade is a station in the Eastern-Central area of Westford that serves the Northernmost part of the Bella Vista Boardwalk. Not only a few metres away is the Westford WolvHaven Metro Depot, which was rumored to house the buried body of the founder of the WolvHaven Metro, but was later debunked after the discovery of the actual body 5 years ago.


Sillonner (slang: Silloner) is the Northern terminus of Metro Line 7, located in Westford. Serving the Esplanade Bus Interchange, Silloner Boardwalk, The Nat/Lib and the Eastern part of the Esplanade Coast, Sillonner was expected to have a large amount of riders daily but unfortunately was never opened due to lack of budget. However, you can view Silloner Station from Silloner Exchange, the place where the WolvHaven Metro's Shop n' Dine initiative extended its reach to. As of 2017, Sillonner has officially opened. The name 'Sillonner' came from the main bridge that connects Westford to Mechanicsburg, Pont Sillonner, which translates to "The Criss-Cross Bridge", referencing its intersecting iron beams.


- This line is the only Metro Line to have street-level track. This section is between Promenade and Primerose