Viniture Inc.

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Viniture Inc.
Viniture logo.jpg
World Gardellia
City Les Vincennes Bay
Owner VincentLUMCFan
Founded 2015
Number of franchisee 12

Viniture Inc. is a company by player VincentLUMCFan which focuses on furniture. There are many franchises, including Vinmill, Vingloo and Vortex Digital. The company now owns Sandridge Holdings, which is famously known for its iThings franchise and Game Land.


Inspired by IKEA, this is the first franchise in Wolvhaven that focused on furniture. As the franchise expands, it has influenced a few other players to open furniture stores. Now, there are franchises like Prismarine Home Store and Zone Furniture.

If as a standalone building, Viniture will be having an orange and blue colour scheme for the most contrast, with some elements of brown for a vibrant yet rustic effect. The owner aims to achieve a balance of old and new through these buildings.

The flagship furniture store mainly sells bulk furniture handmade by skilled craftsmen, including the owner himself. Showrooms are also available, with the largest currently at Lemall, Lisa Island, Gardellia and Republic Mall in 4H. Small furniture sold include building block materials such as stone and quartz. Decorative materials are also available.

The main franchise of the company currently has a few outlets across Gardellia. There is only one on 4H, in Republic Mall.


Vinmill Breakfast Cafe was the second franchise branch created, inspired by a few breakfast cafés such as the Breakfast Club in Australia. Though inspired by the cafés, its interior designs are original.

Colour schemes are mainly red and green. The owner has expressed its reasons behind it being the ease of contrast and creates awareness on colourblind people. The majority of colourblinds have red-green colourblindness, the owner being one of them.

A menu for the franchise will be prepared soon for a more realistic approach.

Vortex Digital

Seeing that Wolvhaven doesn't have enough digitally based franchisee, Vortex Digital was established. Stores usually have the alphabets V and O clearly presented either as a backdrop or the shop frontier. Initially, the store focuses on CDs in Minecraft, and has since branched out into selling clocks, cameras and jukeboxes. Some stores also contain books and e-books, with a reading area laid out by carpets.

Vintage Cinemas

This cinema franchise generally airs vintage films, as the name suggests. Nonetheless, some latest films are included to keep things up to date. Cinemas were not a thing, until 2 June 2019 when the first cinema hall opened in Sewell Green, Les Vincennes Bay. Since then, it has inspired a few other cinemas to be constructed and are still currently in progress, such as Cineleisure in Dakota Exchange, Wolvhaven City and Rainbow Cinemas in Berlishire.

Vinyl Records

This franchise is currently dormant, however it does have temporary studios to provide song recording facilities for young and inspiring artistes. Vinyl Records does collaborate with WHKaraoke by Centreum.M and May Concepts Ltd, where all songs are of high quality and original from the studios. The franchise focuses on genres like Soul and R&B, Jazz, Pop, Instrumental, Cantopop, Mandarin and Cantonese R&B and Kpop.


Originally introduced in 2018, the first outlet is targeted to open in Winter 2019, at Nelsonburg and Gardellia Port. It is a fine dining restaurant providing the only fine dining services in Wolvhaven.

Generally, this franchise requires its clients to have locations with good scenery and ample space for comfort and ambience, such as next to the sea, an airport lounge with view of airplanes and a river. These outlets usually have high ceilings and coloured with orange, brown and grey.

The menu will be rolled out once it opens.


This non-commercialised franchise was established back in 2018, in an effort to introduce undertaking services into Wolvhaven. Touchwood, so far, this franchise has safely arrived at Les Vincennes Bay Verdstan Cemetery. This franchise will only be open at places like graveyards, crematorium and the wild. Customers are to pay their full respects before anything, especially within territories of the late, and Vinanda outlets premises.


Main article: VRT

The franchise branch which manages transport around Les Vincennes Bay, with some areas covering neighbouring towns.


At first, there was only Bubble Bitches which offered bubble tea (boba) in Wolvhaven. At that time, the owner, Vincent was not yet an avid connoisseur of boba. Ever since he tried Xing Fu Tang on 16 May 2019, with the help of quarxilon, decided to introduce this franchise into Wolvhaven on 26 May 2019. Now, there are more than 10 outlets spreaded across Gardellia.

The franchise focuses on Brown Sugar Boba, and has a series of drinks just about it. It is currently still a thing in real life as of September 2019. There are other healthier options on the menu, such as the tea series.

Since August 2019, a special addition was added to the boba franchise, which is the NOOT NOOT. The mascot has an inverse colour scheme compared to the real NOOT NOOT. The first one was made at New Oak.


A concept for a pet franchise was thought of and was created in August 2019. This was supported by MatthieuTofu, adding that CM_Raiders loves pets. The signature item features a large aquarium.

The origin of the name comes from the combination of the name of the franchise owner, Vincent, and the scientific name of the goldfish, Carassius auratus. Therefore, goldfish, whilst not appearing in Minecraft, will still be sold in these outlets. The first branch was opened in CM’s town, Berlishire on 31 August 2019.


Slogan: You don’t play to win, you don’t play to lose, you lose to play.


A cheese franchise for cheese connoisseurs and cheese fans. Coming soon