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Coat of arms.png
World Calidia
Region South-West Calidia

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Barcester is a city located in the creative world of Calidia, in the south-western part of the world. It is the capital of the Greater Barcester Alliance (GBA).

Barcester is one of the biggest and most populated city of Calidia. The city is divided into different boroughs : City of Barcester, Borough of Wexford, Borough of Miraplaya, Borough of Kispalota, Borough of Jubilee Park, Borough of Kerrstown, and Borough of Westchester.

BookAndQuill.png LORE — This section is for fictional purposes

The city was created as a fort by the Romans. Its name "Barcester" is made up of two words : "Bar" refers to the River Bar which crosses the city, and "cester" is from Old English "ceaster" ("Roman fortification", itself a loanword from Latin castra, "fort; fortified town").

The city rapidly growed during the Middle Ages. It became an economic and cultural centre. At this period were built the Castle and the St-Dinerbone Chapel.