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Chest.png This page is obsolete. It is kept for historical interest only.

It may contain information that is obsolete and/or no longer relevant. Do not rely on the information here being up-to-date.

This article is about the City Area Rapid Transit. To see the newer metro system, see WolvHaven Metro

City Area Rapid Transit/WolvHaven Métro
Public Transport System
Owner: TransHaven
CEO SilverWolv
Est. Total track length 2.5km
Line(s): 3
Overall Service Rate 70%
Parent Company TransHaven
System Map

CART: City Area Rapid Transit

The CART, (City Area Rapid Transit) is Wolv Haven's main mode of transportation (apart from walking). Known as the Subway, Metro or MetroHaven among users. The CART rarely fails to do its best for transporting users around the city. The CART is known as one of the icons of Wolv Haven. Some people even just go on Wolv Haven Just to ride the CART.


The City Area Rapid Transit(Originally the MRT - Mass Rail Transit / Minecart Rapid Transit) idea was brought into Wolv City - The server's old world, where there were 3 lines in operation which were the Metropolitan Line, City Line and the Underwater Line. The City line comprimised of 4 stations, the metropolitan and underwater lines had 2 stations each. The metropolitan line was built using the Cut and Cover technique where a deep trench was dug out in the middle of the street and after the tunnel segments were built, the trench was filled in. The Metropolitan line opened in april 2012 followed by the City Line, using a tunneling shield and the Underwater Line, Using the Drain and build technique. When the city was moved, to New Haven Island, the syetem could not be brought in as it was a completely different new land. The CART had to be rebuilt. Currently, the Wolv Haven CART consists of 2 lines - The City Line and the Central Line.

Lines & Stations


City Line (Line 1) - GREEN in color

Central Line (Line 2) - RED in color

Harbour Line (Line 3) - PINK in color


Central Line

City Hall





City Line

City Hall


La Ressistance



Harbour Line

City Hall





This is the official WolvHaven Métro system map!