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WolvHaven State
Established 2020
Federalization 2020
World Information
Seed -3659120588423869910
Area 900km² (30km x 30km)
World Type Large Biomes
Capital City ((TBC))
Largest City Barcester

Calidia, abbreviated as CA, is WolvHaven's second creative world focused on city-building where people can claim areas and build their own towns, cities and settlements – to any style they like as long as it complies with the official WolvHaven rules. The world was proposed 4 years on after the founding of Gardellia as a new word to address many of the flaws which Gardellia had.


Issues with the Gardellia world after 4 years were starting to show. The decision to space claiming stations and locations approximately 500m apart posed several issues as players expanded their claims and cities to other nearby stations.

The earlier decision to space stations 500m apart was made in reference to 4th Haven's size, and certain claims were starting to outgrow the original estimates which were made in 2016. These claims were limited as their adjacent stations had also been claimed by other claims, causing very unnatural elongated claims to form.

Several disputes had already started to form and SilverWolv decided that a new complementing world would be the optimal solution to Gardenia's problems.

Claims in Calidia

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