Les Vincennes Tower Plaza

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Les Vincennes Tower Plaza
World Gardellia
City Les Vincennes Bay
Number of Shops 16
Owned by Viniture Inc.

Les Vincennes Tower Plaza, or known as Tower Plaza in short, is a mall in Les Vincennes Bay, Gardellia. It is next to Tower Plaza VRT Station, precisely accessible via Entrances A and B.


There are 3 floors for the mall. The ground and second floors are mainly occupied by food and beverages franchise outlets, while the first floor is entirely dominated by FEMA, a new high-end clothing store.

An observatory sits at the southeastern corner of the mall, accessible via two express lifts which transports mall users from the ground floor only. An information counter is also located at ground level.


To improve the quality of the urban realm in Les Vincennes Bay, a home theme was chosen. The building was based off a facade of a home built in a modern style. The idea was stretched into a long facade of the mall, and was subsequently completed in a modern style.

List of Shops

Store Code Shop Name Category
G-01 Matt's Fast Food F&B
G-02 Horosho Convenience Store Convenience Store
G-03 Herbellis Pharmacy
G-04 Maiso Boba F&B
G-05 Smoothies and Co Express F&B
G-06 Kebab Kebab Express F&B
G-07 Yoshiyamaya F&B
G-08 Gardellian Pizza Hub F&B
G-09 Myriad Coffee & Roastery F&B
G-10 Italiaso F&B
1-01 to 1-06 FEMA Retail (Clothing)
2-01 Sushistop F&B
2-02 The Coffee House F&B
2-03 Vinmill Breakfast Cafe F&B
2-04 More Store Convenience Store
2-05 Vortex Digital IT