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Welcome to the WolvHaven Wiki - your one source for information about almost anything within the WolvHaven server!

The WolvHaven Wiki is public for all to read; but editing rights are restricted to WolvHaven Server Members only. Editing on the Wiki requires an account

Getting an Account:

  • You must be ranked [PR] or above in the WolvHaven server
  • Request an admin to create a wiki account for you by opening a ticker in the #helpop Discord channel under the Ministry for Culture & Foreign Affairs. Provide staff with your email.
  • An email will be sent to you to reset your password when your account is created; check your junk folder

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Featured Article: History of the WolvHaven Server

Founded somewhere in Early 2011, the WolvHaven Server was founded to be SilverWolv's personal private minecraft server among friends. Over the years the server has experienced many events, good and bad and has overcome several blunders. The server continues to navigate its way through being a rather informally run minecraft server to where it is today becoming a rather well-known server in the minecraft transport builcing & city roleplay community. (read more)

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2 June 2023

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31 May 2023

30 May 2023

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This wiki is related to WolvHaven - a server within the popular game "MineCraft". Content in the wiki is mostly for roleplaying/information purposes.

Content in this wiki should not be confused with real-life events or organizations. Any content that bears resemblance to real-life individuals or organizations is purely coincidental.