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Mayor MrMinecraft1423
Deputy Mayor -
Founded 25 Dec 2020
Location Central Calidia

Croxley (officially the City of Croxley or the Isle of Croxley) is an island in Central Calidia. It has one of the biggest malls in Calidia, Croxley Marketplace.


The districts are separated by rivers, making smaller islands. The first one is the Government Island with City Hall. The residential area is in Watford Island.


A cruise ship is currently being planned to link Central City and Croxley. As it is under construction, the Port of Croxley is not done yet.

The Croxley Tramlink is the main method of transport. It is aligned along major roads, and it may have an underground or overground extension.

Croxley buses are operated by Transport for Croxley. They will soon be warp buses.


Croxley is home to Calidia's 4th Mall, Croxley Marketplace. (stylized as croxley marketplace) It is a free-form mall, where you can build in the mall by yourself! Rules for building are in #market.