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Newgate, officially the Republic Of Newgate, is a fictional nation set in northeastern Calidia, bordering Graslet Cross to the south and Northlands city to the east. The city's territory consists of landlocked islands, and is separated by rivers. With a multicultural population of 63.4% Chinese, 12.6% Malay, 12% Indian and 12% German, the need to respect and tolerate each other's cultural identities is important. Within the nation, there are many languages used, including English, Chinese, Malay, German and Tamil. English is the lingua franca, and is used in the multiple government services set up to help the public.


Newgate's history stretches back to the 1790's, when the British landed in two spots through the narrow passage, now the Newgate and Fairway Rivers respectively. One spot was at the tip of Fairway Island, and the other was in modern day north wharf green. The British, set up a naval base in North Wharf right before World War I hit the region in 1915, and it served the armed forces until the 1970s, when it was transformed into a international port.


The city is located in a dark oak forest. There are multiple islands separated by rivers. The largest of them is Fairway Island. The total land area of the city is 2km X 2km wide.


The only protected forest area within the city limits is North Wharf Hill and is 160m tall.


Rainfall is abundant in Newgate, ranging from 16mm to 50mm of rain on a rainy day. The temperature of Newgate on average is from 14°C during winter to 32 °C in the summer.

A picture of the Carnhill Expressway westbound towards West View. Windy Hill New town can be seen.


Main Article:Transport in Newgate

Transport in Newgate is mainly provided by the NTA (Newgate Transit Authority)

Bus Services

Bus services are provided by the Newgate Bus Service (NBS) and Trans Newgate Bus Service (TNBS).


Roads and Expressways

Main Article: Roads in Newgate

Roads in Newgate follow a strict standard of 3m wide lanes. No tolls have been implemented and electronic pricing is to be put in due to the density of roads. The maintenance and construction of roads are done by the Newgate Transport Authority (NTA) and are planned by the Urban Planning Agency (UPA). Traffic drives on the left which is typical in Commonwealth countries. The expressways of Newgate are built to allow vehicles to travel through Newgate in the shortest possible time and Expressways usually have no traffic lights. These expressways include:

  • Fairway Expressway (FWE)
  • Central Region Expressway (CRE)
  • North Wharf Expressway (NWE)
  • West View Expressway (WVE)

Semi Expressways, designated as arterial roads are roads built to ease congestion on Expressways and smaller roads. These roads have smaller lanes and have no shoulder. Speed limits are smaller than those of expressways, and traffic junctions are more prevalent. However, underpasses help keep the road uncongested for same way traffic. Some of these roads are:

  • North Wharf Central
  • Parkway Road


As of 2022, 94% of Newgate Citizens own their homes.