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Newsford South [Newtch:neuford soder] [Dutch:nieuwsford zuiden] [Italian:notiziaguado sud] is a claim made by aedev. It is bordering Azera to the west, Neptune City to the North-West and Hill Ocean Birch Bay to the North. It is south of the Ocean and West of the Birch Bay.

BookAndQuill.png LORE — This section is for fictional purposes
The Flag of Newsford South

National Anthem

Mr Charles Karlsruhe Dulwich was the composer of the Newsford South National Anthem, "Advanter Neuford Soder". Born on 1906, in the province of Perclan, he had learnt music and developed a passion for it at a young age. He moved to West Kingston to pursue music. Mr Charles worked in a film company as a music composer. The government was impressed with Mr Charles so he was asked to compose a piece of music for the opening of West Kingston Centraal in 1929. He wrote about Newsford South and for it to prosper. The government was very happy with the song and decided to make it the national anthem. To honour Mr Charles, a road and a station was renamed to Dulwich Street, Kingsvile in 1946.

Advanter Neuford Soder [Advance Newsford South]

Advanter weth gres [Advance with greatness]

Mayt yous contounous tou prospero [May you continue to prosper]

Ruler le wayes [Rule the Waves]

Advanter Neuford Soder [Advance Newsford South]

Advante weth gres [Advance with greatness]

Mayt le contousnous to rein [May you continue to reign]

Ruler le land [Rule the land]


The date was 17 July, 1701, ships from the Northeast Union had arrived at the city of Portsburgh. The Northeast Union had took over most of the Newsford South Area. A few years later in 1717, in the border city of Kerch/Kirch, war broke out within the Northeast Union and the Empires on the West Coast. The population living there were outraged because of the lack of food and them having to plant and remove rice, and the rice being destroyed by the bombs. One man who supported this was Dallum Port, who was born in the suburbs of Kerom but moved to Kirch for military training. Dallum had made a group called Newsford Independence Group [NIC]. In his speech he said, “We will feight for indepondon und nevero give aup! [English: We will fight for independence and never give up!]” On 8 September, 1719 the citizens of Newsford South had joined the war fighting against the King. The next day, the King of the Northeast Union had surrendered and was forced to sign the independence pact. Newsford South had taken the Birch Forest Province as well as the Riveredge Province and many others. Finally, on the 28 February 1721 the Northeast Union had fallen, and the citizens of the Northeast Union had realised what atrocities the King had done. It was not only treating people like peasants but more. They had stormed into the Royal Palace in the Capital, Sodermunn. They saw a letter that said, “I have taken my children and wife and brought them to a island you do not know.” Luckily, the Hill Ocean Birch Bay Independence Group found the ship. They fired a missile at it and had taken the King to be in prison in Newgate. Dallum was crowned king. He had resigned in 1748.

Modernisation Era

After he had resigned, the citizens voted for a leader named Alaric Tzar. He had modernised the country and had introduced a metro system as well as a language that was named Newtch. He had also made children study English and Newtch and had made some office buildings for the citizens to work in and earn money. The Province of Sodermutt (not to be confused with previous capital Sodermunn) had close relations with Kingsville so in 1764 the province of Sodermutt was given to Kingsville from Newsford South.


On the 12 March, 1765, tragedy struck. The biggest empire on the West Coast, Corinia, was salty that they did not get any land from the war against Northeast Union (War of Empires). They decided to invade Newsford South. On the day that the citizens found out, they rushed to the port and the borders to Neptune City, Hill Ocean Birch Bay and Azera. On 28 October, 1770 , Newsford South had surrendered. Corinia had made a puppet state called Portsville. Near the previous Capital City of Newsford South, Sodermunn, Protests and Riots had broken out. For the King, he had escaped to Newgate undercover.


The King of Corinia, Luis III, had made the country fascist and had over 100,000 starved to death in prison camps in the first month because of the Anti-War protests. Families were separated. Children were left with no parents. By 1830, five million people had died. In his speech he said in Corian, “Tve sledkno vete wez ore protasto againsta men sharv twof dequo” [Translated to English: Those who are lazy or protest against me will starve to death!] On the 5 February, 1864, the citizens started to revolt against the Corianians. Hill Ocean Birch Bay and Newgate had supplied Newsford South with ammo and guns. It had started the Second Independence War.


Finally, after nearly 100 years of ruling under the evil king of Corinia, it had fallen by the revolts and the Second Independence War. Newsford South was recreated on the 2 October 1865. The Capital was changed from Sodermunn to Kingston. The old citizens of Newsford South were coming back. A monarchy was established. The King selected was named Rex Luis Fortmunn. Now it just had to strengthen its economy. It started port trade and the most popular import and exports were food. It had also sold the Newslot Island (Neulotte Islando) for 188b to Northlands. By this time, its economy had risen. They had also opened a port. Newtch (the language) and Neudollar (its currency) had started to be popular. By 1870, the whole population of Newsford South had learnt the Newtch and English Language.

National Day Newsford South's National Day was on 2 October, 1866. It marked the day that Newtish fought against Corinia. It was very important to the Newtish, as the hardships on them finally ended. There was a big celebration in the Capital at the Kingston Beach. Rex Luis, who had been Newsford South's president in 1865, arrived at about 9a.m. The army marched from Kingston Beach towards East End.


On the 1 December, 1945, the people of Kingsville asked the King of Newsford South if the country of Kingsville can join Newsford South due to its close ties and same history and speaking the same language. The King of Newsford South said they have to hold a referendum first. The people of Kingsville voted for joining Newsford South. The King then said that The land of Kingsville will be a Special Administrative Region of Newsford South. The official name of Kingsville was now Kingsville Special Administrative Region of Republic of Newsford South. (Kingvoder Speziale Administratav Rezion ov Republico ov Neuford Soder)