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Northlands [Russian: Нортлендс] [Romanization: Nortlends] [Dutch: Northlands] [Maori: Te Taitokerau] Is a claim founded by PanmureMod70 in the position 6059 64 -1852. This city us located in Calidia. The city has been through minimal progress, and their current project was Regional Line 3 and Line 4. After years of development, the Line 4 Extension was opened.

Location: Calidia (6059 64 -1852)
Name: Northlands City


BookAndQuill.png LORE — This section is for fictional purposes

Through out the years, many research was conducted to learn the history, but due to outdated technology, no one has detected the first humans on Northlands. It has believed or so during the Year 120 AD, The Newtish Crusaders arrived at a Dark Oak Forest and a plain with swamps and grass. They called this Upper Northlands, or today, the Northlanders called it Dark Oak Forest Plains. Then the Newtish Crusaders offered a Union by the Kingdom of Newgate on 140 AD. During that time, Northlands was just a wooden village with soldiers that only wear leather armour and Iron Helmets. 100 Years Later, a poet named Leuc make a poem called, "Des Frumans." and people realised that Leuc is the first man who wrote Newtish language. The Newtish Language is a native language in the Northeast to the South-East region, but during the Newtish Modernism Era, Many writers from Northlands were recognised as the father of Newtish Literature, like Albert Bremminglar, and David Troms. In 1680 AD Northlands became a warzone between the Northeast Union (Newgate, HOBB and Neptune City) and the empires on the Northeast. Many Northlanders and Corkus Immigrants are fed up with the antics of the King, and making them as "peasants" during the war. In 1714 AD, A man that have influenced Independence and Freedom, and a man who learns the Freedom of Humans, rise up to revolt. This is the Time of Crisis. In 1721, The Northlands Independence Manifesto was posted in the walls on the Northlands Governor Office, and Dimitri Pashukov Nazev Novosibirsk, a Northland Independence Leader soon said, "We will never give mercy after what they have done to us, we ask them gently, but our people was speared by the Nobles. This time, we will break the chains of Autonomy, today you all will be free!" This of course increased the morale of the rebels and armed up with captured weapons. The Fruma Province is also on the Northlands Side. This of course was also the fall of the Northeast Union. The rebels founded the army of Northlands, (today is called Northlands Armed Forces) and they sieged the Palace in Newgate. The Northlanders also launched Corkian Rockets that blew up the tower, and found out that the King, Oofie XXXIII, has escaped to the river and sailed to Newsford to escape to Barcester. But this time, Newtish Forces from HOBB attacked the ship with small cannons and one officer captured the Royal Family. 2 months later, Northlands declared independence and gains recognition, so do HOBB and Neptune City. The district of Gavel was taken and Newgate was annexed by HOBB. The Royal Family, which is friends of the Northdale Republic, attempted to blackmail the Newsford South Prime Minister so they could escape, but they were captured in the Calidia Central City by Northlands troops. The President, Dimitri sent an envoy to inspect the Central City, so he could so state affairs in the Northeast Regions. They sent a message to Dimitri and he can't believe it and tell them to take them to Newsford and send them to House Arrest. 8 Years Later, they were freed but the King was arrested and put in a prison tower. Their children were sent away to Barcester. The advisors told him to free, but he said, "I need to ask him questions about matters, then I will free him after I ask." in 1729, The King was sent to Barcester to live in exile. Dimitri is now serving his 2nd term and he became extremely depressed. He resigned in 1742, and died in 1777 in Newsford South. In 1742, Summerglade was appointed as the President of Northlands. He was the 2nd President, and what he did did change Northlands, but he didn't change the Northlands currency, as he said, "I think it is fine to keep what we have from the Previous President, I just wanted to make my people happy."

The Era of Improvements

After Summerglade resigns, the first woman President, Cork Whitney became the 3rd President and believed that she improved education and healthcare. Her whereabouts about Northlands were unknown due to the fact that she died and her diary is with her. But historians believed that she built many buildings and do political reforms, such as an act of parliament for Northlands, since the previous presidents use the GSM system to help with instability. This of course made Northlands modern and powerful, but Cork has many ambitions. Northlands was a very small land, but her plan is to expand Northlands so it could be larger than she wanted to expect, but the expectations weren't met because Northlands is poor at Warfare. But she wasn't missing out much. She was well educated and spoke 6 languages. She modernised Northlands agriculture and economic balance system. She introduced to a "ESM" or Economic System of Manufacturing, a guide for entrepreneurs to manufacture the product so they could improve Northlands economy. However, she was determined to gain more land, as living conditions became cramped. Her territory was drafted by the Parliament because they believe that they can't take too much land. This map however was restored after cartographers and coordinate mappers began forming the territory puzzle to solve what Cork wanted to take over. The only thing that is forgotten about cork was that she was hated by one leader. A poet, James Almuji wrote: "She was loved by many nations, because her moral and manners were outstandingly high, but why should one leader hate this woman?" This rose a rhetorical question, "Do you want to betray Cork Whitney?" This word has been posted on many posters as a propaganda. She resigned after serving 4 terms. Gernard von Nemract is a man who you are not expected to see on books or Newtish literature. This man is extremely popular because he made a powerful oath saying: "I am a man who willing to sacrifice my dreams to become one such great leader, to be a such an important leader in the history of Northlands. I will bring freedom and prosperity and bring me honesty and trust." He requests to recreate GSM, but he said, I will be the one who will host the meeting and still, I will host parliament meetings. This will be called Government Seminar of Northlands (GSN). This system is below the Parliament and the Electorate Meetings. The GSN is responsible for the actions to help tax and political inquiries so politicians can make Northlands a safe place to do political debates.

The GSN: The Pros and the Cons

After 10 hours of meetings and case reviewing, the first GSN Meeting was held in Des Hubentliet which is a palace in Summerglade, Northlands. They were hosted to distribute parliamentary concerns and workplace issue cases. This of course divided the GSN into 2 things. Pros and Cons. The Pros is that the organised parliament is now easy to manage and the president can have full time to discuss international disputes and peace treaties. The GSN is also helped the Treaty of Newgate, after the Northlands-HOBB war. HOBB wanted Newgate but Northlands stayed neutral. But then, the President of HOBB sent a declaration of war. The GSN voted with the Parliament and the rest of the government. This has raised the cons of the GSN. The GSN took 12 minutes to distribute the vote because many of them don't know what will happen if the GSN chose the wrong decision. The GSN also made the cause of slight instability to Northlands and also made Political and Economical disputes. It also creates International tensions between the Northeast cities and the Northwest cities. Years after the concerns. The GSN wasn't dissolved. Instead, it was absorbed to the National Parliament but still remain in service until today.

This map was restored about 200 Years later in 1976 AD after recent discovery about land claims and tribunals about stolen land.

The Gavel Rulers

After years, many of the Northlanders developed writing skills, and military habits that they would instantly teach other cities to build and smithing weapons. The first Gavel ruler is John Elkurn. Though he died in Elkurn, he remained to be the 4th President. His purpose was to obtain the Province of the Dark Oak Forest. After days of conquest, Northlands was 2 times bigger than its previous land borders. After years of negotiation, he was approved by the Parliament and the GSN to launch military operations to guard the area. John Elkurn was popular in the Northeast Calidian region, but was unpopular in the Northwest. Some cities banned him from visiting their cities because he was a man who wanted to reform human rights, which the whole Calidian world would never done Human Rights reforms. Elkurn resigned 20 years after he was admitted in office from 1780-1800. This is where the crisis would begin. Altsen Troms became the President starting from 15th July 1800. He was quite optimist about freeing the peasants, because he felt sad for them. This also cause a blackmail from the Far-right Party that they wanted to barred him from working in office. He said, "Mark my words, all of my thoughts about the poor and the peasants are just books stacked in a table." In 2022, a sheet was put into a capsule of Elkurn's Manifesto after delivered to Bucie, Gavel Province. This sheet was an information on how many land that the peasant owned and he wanted to make the peasants free from poverty. 8 years after the reformation of freedom of peasants, Elkurn was awarded, "Selfless Man, Selfless President." This means that he was kinder than a wise person does. He died in 1865 in Nesaak after severe chills. He was buried in the Catacombs of Elkurn Church. This was when 2 gavel rulers went to war side by side, only to be separated after a sweeping battle.

The Calidian Wars

These 2 rulers are David Theorick Twain, and Abasche Kuzkhov. They are friends and not just a close friend, a blood brothers. If they die, they must be buried where they died. He meant that when 2 of them die, their land will turn fertile so people could plant lands. This inspire people because Theorick is a Bovemist, a believer of how sacrifice can achieve a success in later life. He said, "We, Northlanders must sacrifice our career to defend our homeland. This is our land, our people, our blood, and our ancestors." After 3 years of fighting, Abasche and Theorick was slain, and the people told that they were punished and sealed in a dungeon. People believed that and stood away from the dungeon. But many manifesto disapproved that theory that Theorick and Abasche were buried where they were slain and buried. Though the President awarded them for their sacrifice, the President Yerofey Luthos Khabarovsky, became the 5th President after the 2 leaders died. in 1812, He was on the army as the leader and marched to the mainland. He was an expert map reader, and know many ways to go to every city. His Naval Minister came up an idea to set up an "Invasive Route" to Northdale, but that idea was disapproved because of how far Northdale is by sea. The next morning, Luthos crossed the Patagonian Mountains. And the route to Northdale. He wanted to take back the sceptre of Gavel from a Bandit. The Leader sent him a riddle. The riddle is translated on the table below:

The Bandit's Riddle Translated in Modern English
Mountains with Snow, cross the edges and you will be froze in the cold This means, cross to the snowy mountain and keep walking in the edges, then your men will froze in the cold.
Walk until your men will starve, Your men will be demoralised. This means that your men will starve while a very long trip to the camp via the forests and the plains. The men would be demoralised day after day.
Mountains to the left, a river would be pleasant for you to step over. If you see a mountain, there would be a river. Cross the river. The camp is a few miles away and you are almost there.
You will be ambushed later....MUAHAHAHAHAHA! Then, you got shot by a bullet.

This is a riddle that many soldiers feared, a stray bullet shot a random soldier a mile away from the camp. But Luthos know that riddles can challenge him, so he told his men to bring many food and armor. After he arrived at the plains, his men started to gain morale after one soldier played a flute in the forest. Luthos knew that these men should be awarded. After reaching the mountain that the riddle said, he told all of his men to camp so that his scouts would spy on the city. After days of attrition of war, the camp of bandits surrendered and executed. They returned to Northlands by boat without issues. This was the beginning of the Northlands involvement of the Calidian Wars, and how the Northlanders claimed the Northern Territory of the Forest Province.

End of the First Presidency, First to the Fifth Civil War

Years after the resignation of Alexander Denev Kutov, The next ruler don't rule a long time until the Revolutions begin. This is the Stage I of the Revolution. This was the longest revolution and the Newtish and the Corkian people called the event "The Ascension" and it is the longest revolution in East Calidia. It lasted for Centuries, and preferably, the bloodiest wars in Northlands. The war is known as the First Northlands Civil War, or the Civil Patriotic of 1821. It lasted for 3 years until 1823 and it is less destructive than the 4 civil wars, because the enemies lacked cannons and rockets. The Second Civil War, Also known as the "The Great Newtish Battle" and it was the most legendary battle. Led by Alexander Kushnek, he defeated the Left Wing Radical Army to overthrow the president, Luke Gillies. The Third Northlands War, also known as "Between Fire and Water" is a major war, but with foreign intervention. Newgate offered Northlands a territory called Manukau Province. But, the resident in that province wanted to be free, thus launch a series of fire attacks on Northlands. The people have an idea, "What could kill fire?" So the answer is killing it with water. Thus creating Fire and Water wars. The people threw fire, while the civilians and partisans threw glass bottles filled with water to kill the fire. In the end, 1236 civilians were killed, and the rebels were put down and executed. This civil war was the shortest, only lasted for 10 months from February to December of 1855. The Fourth Civil War, also known as, "The Bloodbath Behemoth of Gala," was the deadliest wars in Northlands, also the longest. It lasted for one and a half decade, which is 15 years which is from 1870 to 1885. The fifth civil war was the most mysterious and ridiculous wars in history. It was called "This enemy burned down his own base." When Alexis, the leader of Комитет левых государств (Romanization: Komitet levykh gosudarstv) wanted to threaten the republic, and war breaks out. It lasted for 20 Days, and the army fled to the East. No one knew what happened. In the end, the last president, David Daisy, resigned and the First Presidency Fell, and replaced by a Monarch, House of Hannau.

Monarchy Overthrown, Replaced by a new kingdom

Months of rule of Wesley I, he was overthrown. The people rebelled because he wanted to remake the peasant era, and caused a flashback. Wesley was captured and executed, and his remains were still investigated. After reading Novosibirsk's and Lutho's diary, a man ascended and known as the First King of Northlands. His name was Paul XVI, or Constantine I of Northlands. He abdicated in 1921. Nicholas I ascended to the throne, and it would spark an event that makes Northlands a surprise to all Calidia.

The Avicia Disputes, Repatriating Twain from Kispalota, and A Journey Further

Nicholas has many wishes for Northlands. He wanted to modernise the country even further by building tall buildings and educating new architects. He was very optimistic about Northlands...[TBC]