Sun Moon Lake City

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Sun Moon Lake City
Basic Information
World Calidia
Owner(s) YJJcoolcool, Mineshafter61
Date of Creation 29 December 2020
Official Language(s) Okinawan
Government Communist One-Party State
Build Style Traditional Ryukyuan
Driving Side Right (automobiles and trains)

Sun Moon Lake City (abbreviated as SMLC), is a rural town set along the banks of Sun Moon Lake in Calidia. It is owned by YJJcoolcool and co-owned by Mineshafter61.


Sun Moon Lake City is served by its own railway, the Shirumayaa Railroad.

Natural Features

While the city is mainly located on flat land, it is situated along the banks of Sun Moon Lake, with mountains to the north, and forests to the west and south. There are also a few islands in the lake which are part of the claimed area.