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Imperial block head.png
User Information
Location Sicily
Time zone It depends
Language(s) Italian, English, some German
Birth date STALKER
WolvHaven Server Information
Current rank Citizen, Donor, Engineer
Projects M2 semi automatization (June 2019) and hybridization (June-August 2020)
Some contributions in the E1 (I don't remember when), One North Corridor and Northeastern Bypass (still unknown date)
 RN16  Meteor City
Major contribution to  RN19  Inkopolis
New Inkopolis
Some contributions to  YN12  Lambovsk-40
Joined Too late
Citizenship Approved 12 days of wait
Political Party      Independent
Social networks
General Status
Most Active in Server, Discord

Hi, I'm imperial_block, one of the members of the now dissolved PFP. Let's throw away the past and talk about myself.

I first knew about WH in 2016/7 with, you guessed it, metro videos! No, the first WH video I found was the Stalingrad to Bella Vista expressway ride. Then I have seen some time later the Metro line 7 video that was recommended to me. I then figured out that both videos were made by the same channel and I wanted to see these creations myself. I couldn't play Minecraft because my PC was obsolete so when I got a new one in late 2018 I was able to join as a Tourist (it wasn't called Visitor yet). I have sent my citizen test (PR didn't exist) and I got the response after 12 days because no one noticed my application and I finally got citizen. I have made some visits to Gardellia and then founded my own town at  RN16 . Then I made major contributions to Inkopolis, a very large city located at  RN19 , and I became one of the most powerful authorities in the city. After some problems in Inkopolis, Calidia's opening allowed Plank and me to found a better New Inkopolis, a project that still remains today.

I am a train driver but I have a lot of problems with driving because of me not living in Asia. If it wasn't for Materwelon I could have applied for examiner.