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His Excellency, The President
User Information
Location Singapore
Time zone UTC+8
Language(s) English, Mandarin
Gender Male
Birth date 13 September
WolvHaven Server Information
Current rank Owner
Projects WolvHaven City
Joined 2011
Citizenship Approved 2011
Political Party      Independent
Social networks
Twitter @silverwolv, @wolvhaven
Steam silverwolv
General Status
Most Active in Server, Discord

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Yes, that is righto, itsa me, SilverWolv. The Owner of the server. I have run WolvHaven since its inception in 2011, starting out as a private server for a couple friends to enjoy, and here we are today.

Im currently pursing a Computer Science degree and am in my sophomore year. So apart from seeing me in-game building stuff you I will most likely be developing stuff or doing programming. (Or crying when I've spent a whole day trying to fix a bug but made 10 more unintentionally in the process)

Should you have any feedback regarding the server, please feel free to contact me via my Discord.


I think you might laugh at this. But here we go.

  • New Centrif (1st Haven)
  • Wolv City (2nd Haven)
  • New Haven (3rd Haven)
  • New Wolv Haven (4th Haven)
  • Fifth Haven

Proudest Creations on the Server

I've built quite a lot on WolvHaven but this is a list of some of my favorites that I've either worked on with others, or built by myself.

  • Gardellia North East Line Red Bridge
  • Skyline Highrise
  • Parliament House
  • Exchange Place
  • Governors House
  • Several diagonal buildings - those are a pain to make
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Mechanicsburg Airport (The original)
  • Marine View Public Housing
  • All renditions of my Platform Screen Doors (the first, if not one of the first ever piston-based ones in minecraft)