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Westfield is a city in Northwest Calidia, owned by RayoMacQueen, it is a small to medium sized town. It is caracterized for unfinished buildings and being part of the former Calidia Cities Treaty Organization, an unfinished building was to be the Westfield office, which is the talles structure in the City. It is also mainly made of housing and small sized rises.


The city was founded in 2021 by RayoMacQueen after several attempts of claiming spaces and even in Gardellia. At some point Westfield was a member of the now extinct Calidia Cities Treaty Organization (CCTO) which since then is now defunct and was also planned to be a mayor hub for the West Calidian Rail project, which status is currently unknown

Infrastructure and Transport

The city has a network of roads which are mostly narrow compared to Calidian official standards, there also buildings such as houses, apartment buildings, a mall, a church, a city hall. There is also a planned port and Resort Area. In terms of public transport there is an under construction subway system and a network of buses that serve the town.


The city is located in a peninsula to the Northwest of Calidia, The Downtown is located in a plain, as well as the far north which is in a plain and in a shallow lake. To the East and Northeast there is a dense Dark Oak forest, to the West and South, there is a birch forest and in the far south, Sand islands and Sandy large beaches.