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This page documents the guidelines that should be followed when contributing content to the WolvHaven wiki. The wiki is the info hub for WolvHaven, we request that you follow these guidelines in order to make our wiki more organized for all.

Our goals for the WolvHaven Wiki are as follows:

  • Organised – Content in the wiki should be organized in a manner such that content is easy to find
  • Relevance – Separate fact from fiction. We acknowledge that players may want to introduce ‘lores’ or backstories to certain articles they want to create. We want to devise a plan to allow people to mark sections that are fictitious, and actual events on the server
  • Involvement – Our wiki should be a place for our community; by our community. With the termination of past services such as the forums, we recognize we need a better platform apart from just our Discord for the community to be involved.

Page content regulations

  1. Respect everybody – Page content should not harass or insult others.
  2. Only contribute content that you own! – Work that infringes on the copyright of others will be removed without notice, and action may be taken against you for repeated offences. WolvHaven shall not be held responsible for the content which you post.
  3. Create new pages only when necessary – Please do not create a page, type in a few words and leave the rest of it blank. Only create a page when you have sufficient content to fill the page. We recommend at least over 200 words.
  4. Contribute the truth, and be objective – Although we welcome fictional stories and lore, please indicate it appropriately to prevent misinformation others. Kindly indicate sections within your pages that are fictional using the {{Lore}} template.
  5. Categorize your pages – All pages should belong to a category where applicable. Add the following to the top of your page to put it into an existing or new category. Please check Special:Categories for a list of existing Categories.
    [[Category:Category Name]]
  6. Organize your content – Make use of the formatting provided in the wiki markup language to make your page easier to read! Check mediawiki for more info.
  7. Name your pages properly! – Be specific in your page name. Remember to suffix your pages in brackets in an organized fashion e.g. North-East Line (Gardellia Mainlines) NOT Gardellia Mainline North-East Line.

Page naming conventions

To keep the wiki easily searchable yet organised, page names should be named subject first, followed by a suffix if it is part of a larger group or category of pages

For Example:

  • Les Vincennes Bay – The city itself
    • City Hall (Les Vincennes Bay) – A building/section/neighborhood/borough within the city
  • Les Vincennes Bay Metro – The railway system is itself a subject that is both descriptive enough
    • Central Line (Les Vincennes Bay Metro) – Subject first; the Central Line, followed by the suffix (Les Vincennes Bay Metro) indicating that it is part of the Les Vincennes Bay Metro system

Example in Use:

File content regulations

  1. Name your files appropriately – Please do not upload Minecraft screenshots and keep the file name as the timestamp of the image. Name your file appropriately for ease of reference later.


  • It is recommended that templates are edited using the source editor (Click on Edit Source when editing a page)
  • Use the "Show preview" function to see a preview of your page to ensure everything is correct before saving changes


Infoboxes are useful templates which can be included in your page to give a brief summary in your page.

This text Produces

| headerstyle = background:#FFFF00;
| above = WolvHaven Metro Line 1
| image = [[File:MetroM.png|50px]] [[File:Metro1.png|50px]]
| header1 = Line Overview
| label2 = Operator(s)
| data2 = [[TransHaven]]
| label3 = Line Length
| data3 = 1.5km
| header4 = Runs
| label5 = WolfMinster
| data5 = North-South
| label6 = Westford
| data6 = none
| label7 = Mechanicsburg
| data7 = Planned

WolvHaven Metro Line 1
MetroM.png Metro1.png
Line Overview
Operator(s) TransHaven
Line Length 1.5km
WolfMinster North-South
Westford none
Mechanicsburg Planned



{{ColorBox|background color|text|text color}}
This Text Produces
{{ColorBox|#7F0000|This is a text in a red box}}  This is a text in a red box 
{{ColorBox|red|This is a white text in a red box|white}}  This is a white text in a red box 





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