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WolvHaven State
Established 2014
Federalization 2017
World Information
Seed qixtato
Area 196km² (14km x 14km)
World Type Large Biomes
Capital City Central City
Largest City Unknown

Gardellia, abbreviated as GD, is a world with a rail and road network where people can claim areas and build their own towns, cities and settlements – to any style they like as long as it complies with the official WolvHaven rules. You need to be ranked [Citizen] and above to get access to the Gardellia world. All players who wish to build in Gardellia have to go through an application process. This is an added layer of security to ensure that people understand the rules before building in Gardellia.


Project Westlandia (2014-2015)

In late 2014, autobus22 proposed the idea of providing a world for the seriously creative to build in. The idea was for a world with a mainline rail network where people could then claim stations in the network and build their own towns/cities/settlements. The project was to be called WestLandia and works commenced in mid-2014.

The screenshot of the original spawn for project WestLandia

Unlike the other WolvHaven worlds, it would be entirely managed by autobus22 where he would build the world, define the rules and enforces the rules himself.

Work was progressing well and an announcement was made on December 30th that the world was coming soon.

However, there were several design flaws within the world. This was largely due to an airport being built right next to spawn, stations being too small and an argument over the design of the central busport soon ensued. The natural terrain of minecraft also proved challenging to build some sections of the railway.

The project was then cancelled after.

Old Gardellia (2015-2016)

In response to the issues faced by Project westlandia, WestLandia2 was announced. This time, the world was custom worldpainted much like the map WolvHaven currently uses. This however resulted in little to no terrain in the world and players were expected to fill in the terrain by themselves afterwards. The rail lines were built very quickly and was able to be opened sooner.

In response to criticism over the name of the world being biased towards western culture, a name poll was formed. Players had the choice of suggesting their own name of choosing one that had already been pre-selected - Gardellia. A large majority chose the name Gardellia and the world was officially renamed to Gardellia.

Old Gardellia opened on 31 May 2015 to much enthusiasm. However, a few months down the road, the project would be terminated again.

Large disputes between players over property and land ownership were the first signs of trouble. One significant case was regarding a player-built expressway that connected several cities nearby. A new town had sprung up along the expressway and the owner of the town modified the expressway to include an exit. A large dispute over who owns the expressway has the right to make modifications to it soon created lots of drama within the world.

As time passed on, there were further disputes over land area as the stations in Old Gardellia were built very close to each other. Meaning that towns that claimed stations next to each other would have little to no room to expand.

The problem was further escalated when SilverWolv allowed Architects unlimited worldedit access. This led to certain towns expanding rapidly leaving others to slowly develop. Eventually worldedit wars occurred where a player worldedited out a portion of another person's town. (unconfirmed)

Autobus22 was also unable to enforce the rules properly as he wasn't an official member of staff. This led to several players defying the rules of the world. There were also many loopholes in the rules and regulations and there was a general sentiment among people that the rules were too restrictive and loosely defined.

Eventually, with the large amount of drama between players; SilverWolv announced the termination of the world in early 2016.

Current World (2016-Current)

After the World Referendum held from 18 March 2016 to 20 March 2016, the result was to make a new Gardellia world.

The proposal finalized plan for the rail network was uploaded to the forum on 3 June 2016.

The new Gardellia World started rendering on 14 June 2016, but it constantly crashing the server many times.

On 24 September 2016, a poll was held to ask the citizens that should the stations' core put in place, people choose their station and build their own station design around the station core or station core put in place and station design pre-built. the latter option was chosen as the citizens voted.

On 30 October 2016, the first draft for New Gardellia rules was up. Citizens were able to provide feedback on the clarity of these rules.

On 22 December 2016, the Gardellia Application Form was open for applicant, to let citizens apply to build in Gardellia.

The Current Gardellia world was opened on 25 December 2016, Christmas Day, as a Christmas Present from the Owner of WolvHaven.

On 1 April 2020, Senior Moderator Baymax1020 made an 'accident' in Gardellia using Worldedit, causing the server to 'crash'. Baymax1020 tendered his 'resignation' due to pressure from other staff numbers. However at 1pm UTC+0, the world was reopen by SilverWolv as an April fools prank for the server.


Roads and highway


Main article: Gardellia Mainlines

System map of the Gardellia Mainlines

There are currently 7 Mainlines in operation in Gardellia.

Station Claims

There are currently 51 stations in total, where 3 additional stations are provisional. These three are BN5, RN4 and GC. BN5 is located in extreme hills, RN4 in the middle of the sea and GC in a plains area on the diagonal section of the Green Line.


There are currently 4 airports in Gardellia.

  • Cranbrook United National Terminal (Serve North-west region of Gardellia)
  • Cackleburg Airport
  • Admiral Airport
  • Gardellia-Westlandia Airport (Serve Central part of Gardellia)

Claims in Gardellia

Main Article: List of cities in Gardellia

Parliament Representation

Term Election No. of Seats MP Majority
6th April 2017 3 JuliusMS
No seats Government Majority
7th July 2017 6 _Noodur
No seats
8th October 2017 6 Endarmatster
No seats
9th April 2018 6 VincentLUMCFAN
No seats Tied
Government Majority
10th January 2019 5 lebokbok
No seats
11th July 2019 6 Kangaroo567
No seats
12th January 2020 7 Baymax1020
13th May 2020 7 SirKiwi_
Geographical Constituencies Abolished