KCR Tozai Line

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KCR Tozai Line
 Tozai / T 
State Pangaea
Locale Western Peninsula, Iceland
Type Commuter Express Rail
Network KCR
Starting Point Skeleton Spawner
Ending Point Spawn N (after renovation phrase 2, Iceland)
Stations 4 (after renovation phrase 2, 6)
Total Passenger Transported Did not measure
Line Mark T
Line No. Line 1
Line Colour  スカイブルー 
Opening Late 2018
Owner KCR Corporation
Operator KCR Corporation
Depot(s) Skeleton Spawner
Rolling Stock E200 Series (mh16mhm), E110 Series (mh7mhm)
Distance 7.35km Approx.
Track guage 1,067mm (3 ft 6 in)
Number of tracks 2 (From Skeleton Spawner to Spawn N), 1 (all sections except the above)
Electrification 1,500 V DC Overhead catenary (invisible lol)
Maximum gradient 250 ‰
Block System Moving block
Train protection system D-ATC, ATS-P
Maximum speed 72 km/h (45mph, 1bpt)
Route Map
english version
Chinese Version

The KCR Tozai Line is a rapid mass transit line in Pangaea, WolvHaven, owned and operated by KCR. When completed, the line will run between Iceland in east Pangaea and Western Peninsula International Airport station (formerly known as Skeleton Spawner station) in west Pangaea. As of 2021, the line is 6.3 km long, the longest of all public rail lines in Pangaea (2021). The Tozai Line is colored KCR Blue on maps, diagrams and signboards. Its station codes are prefixed with "T".


True to its name (literally "East-West Line"), the Tozai line connects east and west Pangaea. The route starts from Western Peninsula International Airport, heads east, passes the Middle Sea to the north of the world's spawn point and terminates at Iceland station in east Pangaea. It is the first KCR line built, is completely built by hand, and uses 31-meter long platforms. All stations are equipped with a line information panel. The line features through service with HWPR at Western Peninsula International Airport, providing an effective way to get to spawn from both west and east Pangaea.

Route data

  • Operator: KCR Corporation
  • Route Length: 7.35 km
  • Track Gauge: 1,067mm
  • No. of stations: 6 (including termini)
  • Block System: Moving Block
  • Train Radio: Inductive Radio
  • Time Required: --
  • Depot: Western Peninsula International Airport


On top of local services that stop at all stations, the Tozai line also offers Alpha services, limited express services that call at select stations and provide through service to the HWPR Spawner Line, allowing commuters to get to Spawn North from WPIA in less than 4 minutes. The Tozai line is the first KCR line to provide such express services.

Rolling Stock


  • KCR
    • E200 Series (mh16mhm)
    • E110 Series (mh7mhm)


  • HWPR
    • 5M
    • D140 Series (mp10mpm) (2018)
    • E140 Series (mh10mhm) (from 2018 until 2019)
    • E140-100 Series (mh10mhm) (from 2019 until 2020)
    • E140-200 Series (mh10mhm) (from 2020 until 2021)


Aqua Line

In 2018, KCR builder KC_0072015 decided to build a railway connecting spawn and his home in the west. This railway was initially known as the Aqua Line. When first opened, the Aqua Line featured a single lane as KC_0072015 felt lazy and the amount of resources needed was too high. A few months later, KC_0072015, now acting under KCR, expanded to Iceland in east Pangaea. This gave KCR enough reason to rename the line to its current Tozai Line designation, as the extension now connected east Pangaea to west Pangaea.

Renovation and conversion to 2-lane operation

In 2021, KCR began renovating the entire length of the Tozai Line, realigning some sections, rebuilding stations, replacing the old 14-car E140 Series with the higher-capacity E200 Series train, and crucially converting to a 2-lane railway in response to commuter complaints.

Phase 2

In summer 2021, KCR began extending Tozai Line from Spawn N to Iceland, adding 2 new station, Nakahigashi Machi and terminus Iceland. The construction is ended in 1st September. On top of that, Next Train Information Board is installed in all KCR stations.

List of stations

  • Local trains stop at every station. Rapid trains stop at stations marked "●" and do not stop at those marked "|".
No. Station Alpha services Transfers
 T01  Western Peninsula International Airport NMRT: Western Peninsular Line  WP 18 
HWPR: Spawner Line  HWP  (through service available)
 T02  Tin Hoi Pier
 T03  Central KCR Mushroom Island Line  M01 
 T04  Spawn N A & A Railway
 T05  Nakahigashi Machi
 T06  Iceland NMRT