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WolvHaven Province
Established 2016
Federalization 2017
World Information
Seed Not public
Area ???
World Type Default
Capital City ???
Largest City Unknown
Governor Vacant
Chief Minister Vacant
Premier Vacant
Legislature Parliament of Panagea

Pangaea, or spelled as Pangea, abbreviated as PG, is a Survival Multiplayer World in Wolvhaven. Players play in a survival world like how you do when you are in single player survival. Unlike WolvHaven City, Pangaea is a world where you need to play survival like normal with no help. Hunt for food, chop wood, etc, is all done yourself, like a typical survival world.


Pangaea is a Survival Multiplayer world. It also have the worlds that vanilla Minecraft has.

Pangaea (Overworld)


End World

After the passing of the End World Addition Bill, an End World has been added to Pangaea, and has been opened. The dragon has been defeated twice, both by FARM.

Parliament Representation

Term Election No. of Seats MP Majority
6th April 2017 1 GukkyGuz
No seats Opposition Majority
7th July 2017 2 hinwapoon
No seats Tied
8th October 2017 3 Ninjabob1797
Opposition Majority
9th April 2018 3 hinwapoon
Government Majority
10th January 2019 2 Mysticlorde
No seats Tied
11th July 2019 2 GukkyGukz
No seats
12th January 2020 3 hinwapoon
Opposition Majority
13th May 2020 3 Delfino88
Geographical Constituencies Abolished