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Kingsville [Newtch: Kingsvoder] [Dutch: Koningenville] is a claim by C0rporal in Calidia. It borders Hill Ocean Birch Bay to the south, Glenovia to the south-east, Newgate to the north-east and Grasslet Cross to the east. It is surrounded by the Mountains.

BookAndQuill.png LORE — This section is for fictional purposes


On the First of September, 1702 , a boy named Henry Secund was born in Newsford South. After he had grown up, his parents moved to Kingsville on 1717 because of the War of Empires. In 1728, Henry decided to run for presidency to free the country from the current president. He won the president spot. The Province of Sodermutt (not to be confused with previous capital Sodermunn) had close relations with Kingsville so in 1764 the province of Sodermutt was given to Kingsville from Newsford South.

Newsford South

On the First of December, 1945, the people of Kingsville asked the King of Newsford South if the country of Kingsville can join Newsford South due to its close ties and same history and speaking the same language. The King of Newsford South said they have to hold a referendum first. The people of Kingsville voted for joining Newsford South. The King then said that The land of Kingsville will be a Special Administrative Region of Newsford South. The official name of Kingsville was now Kingsville Special Administrative Region of Republic of Newsford South. (Kingvoder Speziale Administratav Rezion ov Republico ov Neuford Soder)