Metro Line 6 (4th Haven)

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WolvHaven Metro Line 6 - Interborough Local
MetroM.png Metro6.png
York Interchange
Type Rapid Transit
System WolvHaven Metro
Status      Manual. Request for a driver for service on this line. Subject to driver availability.
Termini York
City Hall
Stations 12 (Operational)
Services 1
Opened 30 June 2015; 3 years ago
Operator(s) Fried Transportation (lorem ipsum corporation)
Character Underground (City Hall - Waterloo) (Primerose - York)
Subsurface (Chinatown - Primerose)
Depot(s) East River
Rolling stock SM30
SM30B (Future)
SM25B (Formerly)
Line Length 5.98 km (3.7mi)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) standard gauge
Electrification 750 V DC Third rail
Operating speed limit of 80km/h (50mph)
Route Map

The WolvHaven Metro Line 6 is a metro line that runs from Wolfminster Island to Westford Island through the Trans-Island Tube, along with its express counterpart, line 8.

History (2015-Present)

Proposal and Original Route (2015)

In early 2015, it was proposed that there should be an interborough line that should run to the island of Westford. That line became line 6, and was the first line to run to Westford. The original proposal was for the line to run to Primerose, stopping at City Hall, Waterloo, Chinatown, Little Italy, Hunter (Now Rochester), and Primerose. In May 2015, Line 6 opened, following the same exact route as the proposal. At this time, there were no plans for an express line (now Line 8) that would skip Chinatown and Rochester, so the center two tracks remained empty.

Esplanade Extension and Express Service (2015)

Shortly after Line 6's opening, there were plans to extend both lines 2 and 6 to a new connecting station. This station became Esplanade, and was planned to be open along with Line 8, which served as an express service for line 6 and would run along its center two tracks. Esplanade opened and Line 8 began service in January, 2016.

Mechanicsburg Extension (Phase 1, 2016-April 2017)

In June of 2016, there was a proposed extension of lines 6 and 8 to the new island of Mechanicsburg. This extension involved the creation of three stations: Stadium, Mechanicsburg, and Hillview. After a year of planning and construction, phase 1 of the Mechanicsburg extension opened in April of 2017. Line 6 service was extended full-time as a local to Hillview, and line 8 service was extended to Mechanicsburg. However, due to the lines 6 and 8 depot being located at the tail tracks after Hillview, line 8 service became unofficially extended to Hillview, a local station, and became local between Esplanade and Hillview.

York Extension and Present Route (October 2017-Present)

In October of 2017, FTrans and TemaQix Holdings ( now lorem ipsum corporation ) released an ad showing the closure of lines 6 and 8 for the beginning of work for the York extension, or phase 2 of the Mechanicsburg extension. This extension involved the creation of Bohill and York stations. First, the lines 6 and 8 East River depot opened on December 2nd, 2017. A week later, Line 6 was extended all the way to York station, running fully local throughout its entire route, which is now the current route. The current route runs through the Trans-Island Tube, then running local along with express counterpart, line 8, for the rest of its route all the way to York. Line 6 trains currently stops at the following stations:


Station Image Island Connections/Notes
City Hall CityHallEntrance.png Wolfminister Metro1.png Metro2.png Metro4.png Metro5.png Metro7.png Metro8.png Metro10.png MetroS.png BERT.png
Waterloo Westford Metro5.png Metro7.png Metro8.png MetroS.png BERT.png
Little Italy Metro8.png
Primerose Metro3.png Metro7.png Metro8.png BERT.png
Esplanade Metro2.png Metro3.png Metro5.png Metro8.png
Stadium Mechanicsburg BERT.png
Mechanicsburg Metro1.png Metro8.png BERT.png
Bohill BERT.png
York Metro4.png Metro7.png Metro8.png

Station Info


Stadium is a station on Metro Line 6. It is the first station on Mechanicsburg for passengers bound for Hillview. It is also the first metro station to ever have Automatic Platform Gates (APGs) in the entire WolvHaven Metro System. Passengers who alight here are greeted by the National Stadium and a beautiful concrete boardwalk viewing Sillonner Bay and Pont Sillonner.


Hillview was the Eastern terminus of Metro Line 6 before Phase 2 of the Mechanicsburg extension. Its unique design features a very visually pleasing design made yet again by FTrans. However, reports have been made stating that it is structurally unsafe. Lorem Ipsum Corporation ( previously CWHTFC ) has denied all comments and since added extra support to the allegedly shobbily done ceiling.


Bohill is a metro station on line 6. It is a local station and is the first station in the new line 6 York extension. Its design is heavily based on the (R) line's 4th Avenue local stations, with the 1970's style tile design.


  • When the line opened, it was the only line in operation to head to Westford.
  • The portion of the line from Chinatown to Rochester is heavily based off of the open-cut portion of the BMT Brighton Line (B) and (Q) in New York City.