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This article refers to New Toronto, not New Toronto Islands (3 Islands).

New Toronto
Mayor SheepsCanEatBeef
Co-Mayor Emo_Jee
Founded July 22, 2019
Location North-Eastern Gardellia
Mainline Station Code  NC-N20 

New Toronto, is a city within North-Eastern Gardellia. It is divided into 4 separate administration regions.


New Toronto was founded on the 22nd of July, 2019 on what was GE6 (Brown Line).



New Toronto has many sites worth seeing. Here is a list of all sites in New Toronto:

Site Name Address Nearest Connection Owner
Parliament Court 1 Parliament Road 3rd Street Stn: Line 101 A City of New Toronto - Government
Union Station 1 Claire Mount Boulevard East Union Station TransHaven / NTransit / City of New Toronto - Tourism
Sheeps Point 1 Sheeps Point Avenue Union Station City of New Toronto - Forestry and Recreation
Central Farmers Market Calling Road North Union Station: Line 102 Local Farmers of Gardellian

Partner Cities and Alliances

New Toronto has many allies across Gardellia. Its main ally is Tichester  NC-N19 .

New Toronto is also a member of North Eastern Alliance of Gardellia (NEAG/NEAoG).

It contains the first NEAG intercity connection, N1 (NEAoG). Connecting New Toronto with Enopolis, Tichester, & Djavulstad.

Transportation Connections

Intercity Connections

New Toronto is connected by the Gardellian Mainlines at station  NC-N20 .

Local Transit

New Toronto's Public transit is called "NTransit" (aka "Ntrans"). NTransit serves New Toronto and has plans to expand to Tichester  NC-N19 

NTransit has 2 bus lines, 2 planned metro/subway lines, and 1 tram/streetcar line. All in New Toronto.

NTransit operates 2 bus terminals:

  • Union Station
  • 3rd Calling Station