Development Commission of WolvHaven

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WolvHaven Development Commission
WolvHaven Development Commission.png
Official emblem of the
WolvHaven Development Commission
Agency overview
Formed 22 June 2020
Jurisdiction Federal Republic of WolvHaven
Headquarters N/A
Agency Executive Rt. Hon. nixholas, Senator
Chief Executive
Parent agency Office of the President
Child agency None

WolvHaven Development Commission (DEVCOM) is a Federal Commission of the Office of the President charged with the responsibility of managing server-level infrastructure in the entirety of WolvHaven.


This commission was formed on 22 June 2020.


DEVCOM serves as the main team behind the research, development, testing and deployment of new Minecraft server features, fixes and functionalities.

This includes the operating, maintaining, and facilitating of the Test Server, as well as responding to any bug fixes or plugin-related matters within the server

  • Upgrade, resuscitate and iterate WolvHaven's Datacenters.
  • Test and deploy new technical infrastructure.
  • Self Denial-of-Service (DoS) for infrastructure testing.

Chief Executive (Staff Head of Department)

The Chief Executive of the WolvHaven Development Commission is the Staff Head of Department of the WolvHaven Development Commission.

Number Name Portrait Term Parliament Term(s) President
1 Rt. Hon. nixholas, SysAdmin Nixholas.png 22 June 2020 - Incumbent 13th
H.E. SilverWolv