Ministry for Education and Culture

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Ministry for Educational and Culture
Ministry For Education Culture.png
Official emblem of the
Ministry for Education and Culture
Agency overview
Formed 14 January 2019
Jurisdiction Federal Republic of WolvHaven
Headquarters N/A
Ministers responsible Vacant
Minister for Education and Culture
Secretary for Education and Culture
Parent agency Government of WolvHaven
Child agency National Library

Ministry for Education and Culture was a ministry of the WolvHaven Federal Government charged with the responsibility of managing educational and cultural policies.


This ministry was formed on 14 January 2019 with the primary goal of building, and maintaining WolvHaven's community culture, and to ensure the ease of assimilation for newer members.

The ministry remained rather inactive due to its small number of tasks; and was merged with the Ministry for Community Development, Culture and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry for Internal Affairs in 2020.


The ministry was in charge of setting and maintaining the Immigration Test questions; and periodically reviewing said questions. In addition, it was tasked to explore the creation of experiences within the server that provided real-life educational value.


The Minister for Education and Culture is the head of the Ministry for Education and Culture.

Number Name Portrait Party Term State Parliament Term(s) Prime Minister Ministry(s)
Did not appoint
10th Rt. Hon. mopsistudios, MP
     The Centre
FWH-CEN Coalition
1 Hon. sambrose, MP Sambrose.png      The Centre 24 July 2019 - 13 January 2020 GardelliaFlag.png Gardellia 11th CEN-FWH Coalition
2 Hon. MatthieuTofu, MP MatthieuTofu.png      United WolvHaven 6 February 2020 - 27 November 2020 GardelliaFlag.png Gardellia 12th Rt. Hon. mopsistudios, MP
     United WolvHaven
Mopsistudios Ministry
Rt. Hon. CM_Raiders, MP
     United WolvHaven
CM_Raiders Interim Ministry
13th CM_Raiders Ministry
Position Abolished and Merged with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to form the Ministry for Culture and Foreign Affairs