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WolvHaven Staff
Official logo of the
WolvHaven Staff
Agency overview
Formed April 2012
Jurisdiction Federal Republic of WolvHaven
Headquarters Parliament Complex, North Block

WolvHaven’s Staff Team is the team of staff members responsible for executing general policing duties and investigation, staff are also responsible for ensuring the day-to-day operations of the server. They do this by enforcing regulations, application processing and much more. The team was established in 2012 with the mission to work with the community to keep the server at operational standards and ensure the safety of WolvHaven.


Established in 2012 - one year after the founding of the server; the original staff rankings were in-line with the server's then-larger emphasis on roleplay. Moderators were called MPs, Admins were called Prime Ministers, and the Owner was called the President. These rankings were suggested by then admin, RyanJamesLim.

This ranking system did not last long after SilverWolv felt that it would be too confusing, and the system was swapped back in place of a simplified ranking of Moderator, Admin, and Owner.


When the staff team was founded, it primarily comprised of SilverWolv, the Owner, 2 admins __Husky__ and Ryanjameslim. y0urs_tru1y who was Ryan's friend would later join the ranks as a moderator on the server

The server would later hold its first election which elected sophiaYT -- the server's first female member of staff.


This was the year WolvHaven first went public as a premium Minecraft server. Several new appointments to the staff team were made; namely moderators KuteKake, PixelVox, PunchingPixel, and Carew.

The Dev role was introduced primarily for Axton, who would go on to develop the Metro+ system, released in 2016.


In 2014, staff were primarily appointed through elections. The first moderator election in November 2014 saw the appointment of moderator Ziggy85.

SilverWolv also cleaned up the Staff team, removing inactive staff members, PixelVox and PunchingPixel.


More players were promoted to moderators by popular vote and with the limited number of positions of moderator, citizens were able to demote current moderators. Administrators were also promoted via the method of elections. The elections for Moderators were held once every month, and later would be changed to once every quarter. Administrator elections were held every year.

Here is a table of results of all the Moderator and Administrator Elections.

Election Promoted Demoted
Mod, November 2014 Ziggy85 NONE
Mod, January 2015 ROM5419 NONE
Mod, April 2015 Techladdie KuteKake
Mod, May 2015 KenChu NONE
Mod, June 2015 autobus22 nakokun
Mod, September 2015 HuskyBear214 NONE
Admin, 2015 ROM5419 NONE
Mod, January 2016 Endermat96 autobus22
Mod, April 2016 Aufalala DiamondStew
Mod, September 2016 Ezzocraft NONE
Admin, 2016 Endermat96 NONE


Starting in 2016, candidates for the moderator elections are required to pass the Staff Qualification Test (SQT). The passing mark was set at 50 originally but later changed to zero mark as the test allowed the test marker to give negative marks.

The helper rank was introduced as a way for more people to help the staff team to execute server regulations. Helper promotion was determined by passing SQT.

The first batch of Helper promoted in April 2016 was _Bromley, chickenjoshbwak (now known as jotch) who would climb all the staff ranks and became Admin in 2018, MC_Dunc, Supykun, DannyPokemon, _AngelKevin_, Hightech_TR, VincentLUMCFan and ezzocraft (now known as _aezo) who would later win the Moderator Election held in September 2016 and is the first Helper promoted to Mod.

Staff responsible ministries

Staff Heads of Department
Staff Dept. Abbr. Role Name Portrait Term
Creative Affairs and Regulation Department CARD Head MatthieuTofu
31 December 2020 - Incumbent
Deputy sambrose
31 December 2020 - Incumbent
Development Commission of WolvHaven DevCom Head nixholas
22 June 2020 - Incumbent
Ministry for Culture and Foreign Affairs MCFA Co-Head jotch
14 October 2020 - Incumbent
31 December 2020 - Incumbent
Ministry for Internal Affairs MIA Head CM_Raiders
14 October 2020 - Incumbent
Ministry for Infrastructure and National Development MIND Head BargainBinAdmin
14 October 2020 - Incumbent

List of Staff Members

Click here for the WolvHaven Staff Timeline

Rank Portrait Name Dept. Location Timezone Languages Spoken
SilverWolv ALL Singapore UTC+8 English, Mandarin
nixholas DEVCOM Singapore UTC+8
Carew MCFA United States of America UTC-5

(DST: UTC-4)

Axton DEVCOM Thailand UTC+7
quarxilon MIA Malaysia UTC+8
jotch MCFA Singapore UTC+8 English, German
Underscore11 DEVCOM Canada UTC-8

(DST: UTC-7)

BargainBinAdmin MIND Canada UTC-8

(DST: UTC-7)

English, Cantonese
_aezo MCFA United Arab Emirates UTC+4
sambrose MIA & CARD Germany UTC+1

(DST: UTC+2)

German, English, French
MatthieuTofu CARD United Kingdom UTC±0

(DST: UTC+1)

English, French, some Mandarin, some Spanish
GukkyGukz MIND Taiwan UTC+8 English, Mandarin, some Japanese
CM_Raiders MIA Australia UTC+10

(DST: UTC+11)

English, some French, some Mandarin
Tony515 MIA United States of America UTC-5

(DST: UTC-4)

English, Russian, some Ukrainian, some Spanish
VincentLUMCFan MIND Malaysia UTC+8 English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Malay
Perfecttrains MIA United Kingdom UTC±0

(DST: UTC+1)

Wilhelm59 MCFA France UTC+1

(DST: UTC+2)

English, French, German